Coping with the Chaos Caused by Divorce

By | 01/09/2016

As a family law attorney in Los Angeles will tell you, divorce results in chaos. Many things change Law Offices Of Cathleen E. Norton in the wake of a divorce, including parenting, social relationships, financial state, self-perceptions and addresses. The stress of the divorce itself and its attending chaos may cause a person’s behavior to change and, perhaps, become odd. People might revert to their single lifestyle, which may seem like regression or immaturity. In addition, some people respond to divorce by engaging in self-destructive and risky behaviors such as drugs or alcohol and questionable relationships.

A Los Angeles family lawyer offers the following advice for coping with the chaos of divorce:

  • Make your children a top priority
  • Children will also be affected by the chaos of a divorce. Try to minimize the impact of the divorce on them. Try and keep an upbeat and positive attitude in their presence. Do what you can to protect them from the stress of the divorce. If you focus on your children, you will find yourself less focused on your own problems and stresses.
  • Do not make any other major decisions or changes for one year

It is common to react to the end of a marriage by changing everything. People frequently cash in retirement accounts, move to a new home and change jobs during a divorce. A divorce is a major change in itself. If something in your life does not have to change, leave it the way it is for at least one year, advises a family law attorney in Los Angeles.

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