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If you are the parent of a child, you undoubtedly know the costs and expenses associated with education, healthcare, extra-curricular Los Angeles Child Support Lawyer and Family Law Attorneyactivities, and general living expenses. Under California law, parents are both obligated to arrange for the financial support of their child – regardless of whether the parents are still in a relationship or married. If you have questions about child support or would like more information about how child support is calculated under California guidelines, a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and child support attorney can help you better understand the process. In addition, your attorney can also assist you if you have not received child support as required under a court order or otherwise need help enforcing your ex-partner’s child support obligations.

Basics of Child Support Under California Law

Child support amounts are generally calculated using an objective calculator that takes into account several financial factors about the family. To start, both parents must enter their monthly income including wages, tips, commission, bonuses, rental property income, pensions, disability payments, unemployment and Social Security. From that, the calculator deducts taxes, health insurance premiums, child support already owed and expenses associated with raising children from another relationship. This results in a figure known as the “net disposable income” for both parents. The calculator then takes into account the amount of time spent by both parents with the child to determine the final child support amount owed from one parent to the other.

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and Child Support Attorney Discusses Other Factors Affecting Monthly Amount

The judge or commissioner assigned to your child support case has the final say in the monthly amount payable to your child and may make adjustments according to specific factors present in your case. Moreover, once a child support order is entered, it may be possible to seek a modification of the order if either party experiences significant financial hardship or a change in financial circumstances. For more information about how your family’s specific dynamics will impact the final calculation of support, contact a Los Angeles child support attorney right away.

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