Post-Judgment Modifications

Los Angeles Family Law Post-Judgment Modifications Attorney Discusses Post-Judgment Modifications

Los Angeles Family Law Post-Judgment Modifications AttorneysIf you recently went through a divorce, you may be re-thinking the outcome of your case, considering whether you received a fair resolution to the many issues involved in a marital dissolution. It is not uncommon for clients to seek the services of a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and family law attorney in order to modify issues like child support, custody, visitation or spousal support. While property division orders are generally difficult to modify, it may not be impossible to re-petition the court for consideration on certain issues – especially if assets were withheld or disclosure requirements were unmet. For advice about obtaining a post-just modification of your divorce order, we encourage you to contact us today.

Modification of Child or Spousal Support

Under California law, a child support obligor may be able to modify the monthly payment amount by showing a substantial change in financial circumstances. Either party may wish to change the order and may do so with the help of a family lawyer by asserting any of the following:

  • One or both lost their job or the income of either has substantially changed
  • Either parent is incarcerated
  • Either parent had another child from another relationship
  • There is a substantial change in the amount of time one parent spends with the child per week
  • The child’s needs have changed and the costs for expenses like healthcare or education has increased or decreased

Like child support, a judge may amend a spousal support order if a significant change in financial circumstances occurs. Likewise, you may wish to petition for a modification or termination of support if the recipient is no longer in need of support or has remarried.

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Discusses Post-Judgment Custody Modification

Custody and visitation orders may be modified upon a showing that the change will be in the best interests of the child. If the custodial parent is unable to properly care for the child or wishes to implement a shared arrangement, a modification may be appropriate. The court will review factors including the wishes of both parents, history of criminal activity or domestic violence, the child’s adjustment to his surroundings, school and community, and the child’s wishes (if age appropriate).

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Modifications are not always easy to obtain and the court will need to see solid evidence showing a need for the change. For this reason, we encourage you to work with a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney through the modification process. Please contact the Law Offices of Cathleen E. Norton today by calling (310) 300-4021.