Pre-Divorce Planning

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Discusses Pre-Divorce Planning

As the old saying goes: “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” As your Los Angeles divorce attorney will explain, this long-standing adage Los Angeles Family Law Pre-Divorce Planning Attorneycould not be any truer than in the divorce context, and a pre-divorce plan will undoubtedly save you and your spouse significant stress and anxiety as you dissolve your marriage. Pre-divorce planning, which will ultimately be reduced to a separation agreement, involves all aspects of your marriage and provides for child support, custody, visitation, alimony and property solutions. As you begin the marriage process, be sure to speak with a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney about a pre-divorce plan right away.

Basics of a Thorough Pre-Divorce Plan

Money and children are the two most hotly-contested issues in most divorces. In addition to your divorce attorney, a financial advisor is often a smart resource to have on your team at the outset of the process. Your financial plan should include provisions for the immediate payment of household bills and expenses. Your plan should also contemplate the ultimate division of assets at the end of the divorce and whether both spouses will be comfortable with the income and assets with which they are left.

When it comes to planning for children, the best course of action is to offer them the most loving and compassionate support possible. If you deem it necessary, you may want to enroll your children in counseling prior to and during the divorce process – allowing the children to express their feelings before a neutral third-party. If you and your spouse are able to amicably decide on a custody and visitation arrangement, your pre-divorce plan should allow for the family to begin practicing the new schedule as soon as possible. Specifically, if the divorce will require one spouse to move to a different school district, it may be best for your children to start at their new school as soon as possible to avoid anxiety and stress.

Contact a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Right Away

A pre-divorce plan will depend heavily on the unique dynamics of your particular family. For help with the pre-planning stages of a divorce, contact a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney today at the Law Offices of Cathleen E. Norton: (310) 300-4021.