Spousal Support

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer And Spousal Support Attorney Discusses Alimony and Partner Support

If you have decided to legally terminate your marriage or domestic partnership, you may be interested in the laws pertaining to spousal supportLos Angeles Divorce Lawyer And Spousal Support Attorney. Also known as alimony, spousal support may be available to one spouse or partner who will face financial hardship or difficulty as a result of the dissolution. Support is usually not payable forever and is based on certain terms and provisions unique to each situation. If you are anticipating divorce and are anxious about spousal support issues, a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and spousal support attorney can help you better understand the process.

Los Angeles Spousal Support Lawyer Discusses Basics of California Law

Unlike child support, there is no automatic right to spousal or partner support. The court may award this relief upon a showing that one spouse or partner will endure serious financial hardship. The court will also consider the following factors when making a decision as to whether a support order is appropriate:

  • Marketable skills of the spouse or partner who will be receiving support;
  • Expense and time commitment the recipient partner will face in order to obtain education or other marketable skills;
  • Extent to which the recipient partner’s lack of employability is related to his or her role during the marriage or partnership in fulfilling domestic duties.

Once the judge has determined that spousal support is required, it is then necessary to determine a length of time for the order to be enforceable. Under California law, the recipient spouse should expect to receive support for a “reasonable period of time” which is generally interpreted to mean one-half the duration of the marriage or partnership. However, as your Los Angeles spousal support attorney will explain further, the judge may at his discretion extend or shorten the time period based on the above-listed factors pertaining to the recipient spouse.

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